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Abel Empire

The greatest empire that exists, with an unbroken line of emperor’s reaching back to the beginning of time. The Empire as it is commonly referred to stretches from the shores of the western sea to the World’s Dagger mountains in the east, it compraises of many smaller kingdom’s and peoples all who owe their allegiance to the current emperor. At present that is the 16 year old Empress Elizabeth De’Valroe.

Astal Protectorate

Astal was founded by a cliche of Nobles fleeing from the Emperor’s justice, they crossed the Worlds’s Dagger mountains and using a mixture of diplomacy and force established themselves as the rulers of the kingdoms the found. They established a joint alliance to appose the empire choosing by election one of their number to be first of equals.

The Holy Church

The church of the one, true god. Has great secular power as it confirms the royal lineages and is greatly involved in day to day life of people.

The Inquisition

The soldiers of the church trained from a young age to hunt the supernatural and remove it from the world, several wield divine gifts which seem to be similar to the powers of those they hunt. Known to ruthless in carrying out their mission on occasion destroying entire villages to avoid the inhabitants being corrupted by knowledge of the supernatural.

The Church of St. Helios

An of split from the main church. In the year xxxx a young priest called Helios came to a different interpretation of several key passages of the holy book. Others began to read and debate his interpretations, but the high farther of the church disagreed with them and had Helios burnt at the stake as a heretic. But this only streghted Helios followers who saw him as a martyr. For a long time later the followers of Helios stayed underground, until Emperor Michel IV recognized Helios as legitimate interpretation of god’s will, an act that was calculated to weaken the church. Michel was assassinated shortly afterwords but the Church of St. Helios lived on.

The Church Knights of the Parson Order

The holy warriors of St. Helios who search out those with strange powers, or creatures of the supernatural and lead them to the light. St. Helios belived that everything exists because of divine will even the strange creatures and powers that are beyond the normal world. Each has its part to play and the warriors of the holy order make sure that they follow the divine will.

The Broken Lands

The area south of the Worlds Dagger mountain chain, an are dominated by a multitude of river valleys, that has given rise to a large number of small petty kingdoms that constantly feud among themselves. Countries grow, thrive and then disappear with great regularity. Yet despite this neither the Empire nor the protectorate has manged to expand into the region the reason is two fold, they both realize that the first to enter the region will force the reaming states to ally with the other great power, secondly the area is the largest source of lost loggia in the know world.


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